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Data Solutions

Big Data Platform

Build a a centralized repository to store, process and secure your data

Data Pipelines & Orchestration solutions

Build efficient data processes by using proper technologies and enable new capabilities

Big Data Cloud Architecture

Use advanced cloud technologies to utilise your cost and performance

Data Analysis

Implement analytics tools on top of your data to allow advanced analysis and insights generation.

BI Tools

Visualise and make your data accessible using advanced BI capabilities

Enable AI/ML Solutions

Implementing AI/ML technology to improve your company's bottom line and decision-making strategies

I'm pleased to share my experience collaborating with TECTU on our ongoing data cloud transformation project. From the start, they've shown a deep understanding of our needs, working tirelessly to ensure seamless execution. Their collaborative approach, coupled with their technical expertise, has accelerated our progress, keeping us aligned with our goals.
Throughout the process, TECTU has maintained open communication and a shared vision, fostering a productive working relationship. While we're still in the midst of the project and haven't seen final results yet, I'm confident in their dedication and professionalism. Their commitment to our project's success has been evident every step of the way

Hilla Milo

Chief Data Officer & Head of Innovation, Shufersal

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