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Modernization & Cloud Solutions

Migration to Cloud

Executing a full transition to cloud technologies (AWS / Azure / Google), fully migrating your existing systems with minimal downtime.

DevOps Solutions

Boost your DevOps capabilities by implementing the right tools to ensure smooth processes of deployments etc.

Cloud Architecture

Defining full and detailed architecture for cloud transformation, based on your requirements and existing systems.

Microservices Platform

Implement a Platform of micro-services as part of a modernization process. to improve and replace monolithic applications.

Cloud Optimization

Optimising and improving existing cloud solutions to save costs and utilise the technology according to your business needs.

“A good service provider is one that manages their customer, instead of being managed by their customer.
Tectu provides the highest level of service and professionalism I witnessed in my career!"

Dalit Weintraub

VP Marketing and communications at Pazgas

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